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Circle the globe  awareness campaign

Take on a fun & healthy challenge to help raise awareness of epilepsy & SUDEP this March!

In celebration of global epilepsy awareness day (Purple day), JOIN US on a virtual journey around the world! Starting in Quito, Ecuador, we'll travel along the equator by adding up our combined exercise distances from March 1st to March 26th.  

How does it work?

Open to everyone, wherever you are! All you need to do is log your regular exercise mileage into the mission website, or phone app, after each of your exercise sessions between March 1st and Purple Day (March 26th).  Your activity will automatically be added to our group’s total distance covered and you will be able to watch our joint progress along the mission path as we circle the globe together.

What exercise counts?

Over 100 activities qualify towards the mission, making it easy for everyone to get involved in some way - whether you are a daily rower, a weekly bowler, occasional miniature golf player or weather-driven snow shoveller.  Many different activity types can count towards your contribution to the group challenge.  View the activity chart to see how your activities can be converted into mileage.

Do you have to download an app to take part?

No, you have the choice to manually upload your mileage either via your mission website account or via the My Virtual Mission smart phone app, which is downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play. Tech savvy participants can opt to automatically upload their distances to the mission by synchronizing with Runkeeper, Strava, Fitbit or Map My Run/Ride/Walk/Fitness.  Account setup details will be provided when you register.

Is there a registration cost?

The registration fee of CAD$10 (approx USD8/GBP6) per person covers:

  • the mission fee/admin costs (because although the app is free for us to download, the charity will be charged for mission level functionality for each account); and also includes

  • a $5 donation towards much needed SUDEP research.

How can we raise awareness of epilepsy & SUDEP through our participation?

  • Tell others about this mission and why you're doing it. Encourage them to join you!

  • Wear your purple epilepsy/SUDEP t-shirt to generate discussion about what you’re doing and why;

  • Share how you are raising awareness by posting a comment and photos on the mission's group wall and Facebook page.

  • Create your own online Canada Helps Fundraiser page to collect donations towards SUDEP Aware's mission in a loved one's honour, in celebration of your birthday or to encourage you on this personal challenge.


If you have any questions, please contact us!

Follow the mission on Facebook to get the very latest news, information and ways to get involved.

Let's see how far our combined exercise can take us! Will we complete 40,075kms and achieve one lap around the world?


Please encourage your friends and family to join us too!


We look forward to circling the globe with you!

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