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create awareness and educate on SUDEP with many audiences – medical providers, medical examiners, scientists, researchers, those with or caring for those with epilepsy and finally those that have loved ones to epilepsy.   The goal is to get more people talking about, researching and resolving death from epilepsy.

Jayne Andrews

Soap 4 SUDEP campaign

20 July, 2019  -   Maria from Alecia's Artisan cheque presentations to SUDEP Aware for a total of $2,650

SUDEP Petition

27 May, 2019  - Response to the SUDEP petition released.

30 April, 2019 - Announcement of Stats Canada implementation of method to help identify & track SUDEP cases in Canada.

10 April, 2019 - Julie Dabrusin MP presented the SUDEP petition to the House for the Health Minister's response within 45 days.

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