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SOAP for sudep

We started Alecia’s Artisan Soapery in honour of Alecia, an amazing young lady who loved life and revelled in all things pure and natural.  Our handcrafted, all vegan, soaps are a testament to the clean living she admired and valued.

We are proud of every soap sold under our namesake, but we are especially proud of our signature soap “Soap for SUDEP”.  It is through the sale of these bars that we hope to bring greater public awareness to SUDEP and to the importance of its discussion between people living with epilepsy and their healthcare providers.


Our aim is to also contribute to the search for answers: to help find out why these deaths are happening and how they might be prevented.  With each “Soap for SUDEP” bar purchased, Alecia’s Artisan Soapery will donate $1.00 to SUDEP research via SUDEP Aware.

If you’d like to get involved, make a purchase, offer a sales venue or connect us with media contacts to help promote our mission, please do so via our site.

Your support is so very much appreciated.


Thank you …. and Happy Soaping!


IN MEMORY OF alecia lambert

24 April, 1991 - 3 February, 2009

Mom Maria DiPietrantonio-Lambert

shares how she's taking action for sudep

In 2009, I lost my 17-year old daughter, Alecia Lambert (pictured) to Sudden, Unexpected Death in EPilepsy (SUDEP).  Our family had never heard the term before.

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campaign UPDATES

July 2019 - Maria presented SUDEP Aware with two donations: one for $2,000 on behalf of Alecia's Soapery; and another for $650 on behalf of Francine Honey, from the sale of Maria's handmade soaps. More info ...

We are very grateful to Maria, Francine and everyone who supported the campaign by buying the soaps. Thanks to you all we now have an additional $2,650 to contribute towards much needed SUDEP research 💜.




Oct 2018 - Maria (right) and her childhood friend, singer-songwriter Francine Honey (left), worked together to develop two unique blends of soap for the launch of Francine's new album "to be continued...". Both the Honey/Lemon and Amber/Sweet Orange/Sandalwood soaps were made available for purchase on Francine's website, with one dollar per bar sold to be donated to SUDEP Aware.


Mar & Jun 2018 - New "SOAP FOR SUDEP" flavours released!


Jan 2018 - The "SOAP FOR SUDEP" campaign launch! More info ...


Lavender &

Jan 2018


Lilac, Maple

Cream & Oat

Mar 2018


Lavender &
Wild Orange

Jun 2018

Tamzin Jeffs, who cofounded SUDEP Aware after the loss of her sister to SUDEP in 2007, says: "We are very grateful to Maria, her family and high school friend, Francine Honey, for taking action to help those in the dark about SUDEP. Sadly, too many people living with epilepsy are unaware of SUDEP, how they may reduce their risk and the importance of discussing this with their healthcare provider. Initiatives like "Soap for SUDEP" help to bring much needed public attention to the leading cause of epilepsy-related death and vital research funds towards the prevention of SUDEP."

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